Namur® Test Box

If you’re also looking for a new make-up removal experience and want to see your skin become younger day after day

But you are tired of purchasing cosmetics that let you down, that don’t do their job and that you’ll be forced to use anyway (or even throw away), just because you didn’t have the chance to try them beforehand…

Then the Namur® Test Box is perfect for you!

Put these innovative make-up removers through their paces before you decide to buy them!

This is what you will find inside every Namur® Test Box:

  • 5 Travel Size Aqua Shake®: make-up removing wipes (worth € 4,75)
  • 5 Travel Size Creemilk®: 5 ml of milk cleanser; for up to two uses (worth € 4,75)
  • The “A caress and…no more make-up” photo guide to get to know the 5 easy steps to eliminate any trace of make-up, even waterproof and long-lasting, without rubbing or having to use lots of product and without any irritation to your skin or burning eyes (worth € 5,90)

Extra Bonus:

  • “Struccami” – The Namur® newsletter – A magazine dedicated to skin care for lovers of organic cosmetics (value € 4,90);
  • Bonus Namur® Card del value di € 8,00

Total value of the Test Box: € 28,30

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Perché Scegliere Namur?

Namur® è perfetto per te se desideri:

  • Una pelle sana, pulita e protetta e che appare ogni giorno più giovane e bella

  • Senza dover usare tanti prodotti, o ingredienti novici per la tua salute

  • Anche se ti limiterai a struccarti la sera, velocemente e senza altri stress!

Con tutta la sicurezza di un prodotto CERTIFICATO e GARANTITO al 100%

Goditi il massimo del comfort mentre ti strucchi delicatamente e ti prendi cura della tua bellezza … con una coccola!

If you also want to have healthier skin and see it become younger and more beautiful day after day

  • Whilst still enjoying taking care of yourself;
  • Pampering yourself…even just a few minutes of me time;
  • Saying goodbye to the horrible feeling of oily, weighed down or overly dry, tight skin…
  • And without running the risk of feeling your eyes burn or finding them swollen when you wake up