Exclusive Namur® Box

This exclusive case contains the essentials for your new daily make-up removal experience.

Limited edition

The entire Namur® range in a limited edition

Every day, choose the greatest comfort for your skincare routine.

Struccante Naturale Bifase Bio 2 in 1 - Aqua Shake®

Aqua Shake®

The Original

The first innovative, organic 2-in-1 make-up remover: micellar water + two-phase cleanser

Discover how a gentle micellar water based on rosewater, when combined with the effectiveness of a two-phase make-up remover with sunflower and jojoba oil, removes in a few gentle movements all traces of make-up, even heavy, long-lasting or waterproof products!

Perfect for all skin types, even dry and sensitive
Latte Struccante Naturale e Bio - Creemilk®


The Revolution

Not your usual cleansing milk!

The first organic feather-light cleansing milk, with a velvety-soft texture and a balanced pH.

Thanks to its exclusive formulation with a balanced pH, it removes all traces of make-up, cleanses and restores the balance of all skin types, even the most sensitive and problematic. Extra comfort for your evening make-up removal routine.

Specially formulated for all skin types, including oily and combination
All Namur® make-up removers are certified organic, vegan, nickel and dermatologically tested and cruelty free
Certificazioni Namur® è l'unico brand specializzato in Struccanti naturali e bio garantiti al 100%

Anti-ageing and restructuring action

  • with organic aloe vera juice
  • and Opuntia extract: “the plant-based form of hyaluronic acid”.
Healthy, clean and protected skin… More beautiful and younger every day… even by just quickly removing your make-up every evening, without stress!
  • You no longer need a panoply of products to perfectly remove make-up
  • Without taking unnecessary risks with harmful ingredients

In the Exclusive Namur® Box, along with the 200 ml bottles of Aqua Shake® and Creemilk®,

you will also find:

Struccante Naturale Bifase Bio 2 in 1 - Aqua Shake®
Latte Struccante Naturale Bio in formato da viaggio Creemilk®
come struccarsi grazie al libro di denise di maiuta di namur
guida allo struccaggio di namur®
Aqua Shake® – 10 single-use Aqua Shake® wipes

Make-up perfectly removed every time, without rubbing!

Creemilk® – 10 5 ml sachets of Creemilk®

The perfect dose for two complete make-up removals, without an oily feeling!

ITALIAN Edition: “I’m too tired tonight, I’ll remove my make-up tomorrow”

How to look younger in less than 3 minutes every evening, without running the risk of damaging your skin!

ITALIAN Edition Bonus #1: “A caress and…no more make-up!”

A 5-step photo tutorial to effortlessly remove the most stubborn make-up!

skin care routine grazie al magazine struccami di namur
Kit accessori per lo struccaggio by Namur®
“Struccami” – The Namur® newsletter ITALIAN Edition

Organic cosmetics and beauty magazine

New: Namur® Accessories Kit
  • 100% cotton make-up removing pads – diameter 10 cm – handcrafted
  • 100% cotton elastic hair band – one size – handcrafted

For the price of € 115,50

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Why choose Namur®?

Namur® is perfect for you, if you want:
  • Healthy, clean and protected skin that looks younger and more beautiful every day
  • Without having to use too many products or harmful ingredients
  • Even if you only remove your make-up in the evening, quickly and without added stress!
With all the safety offered by a CERTIFIED and 100% GUARANTEED product

Remove your make-up gently and comfortably, turning a chore into a treat!